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“I rely on,Wronged boss!It was not our brothers who helped you attract the firepower of the robbers,Are you still trapped under the ass of those broken cars with this busty girl?!”
This special soldier is called Yang Zhi,I used to have a very good relationship with Qin Liang,It’s also the kind of fight together,One of the dead brothers who got on with a girl。
But they never had a chance to pick up girls,After all, in a very secret military base,What you can see every day are the few sanitation girls。
“Hey!what did you say?Who is the busty girl?”
Yang Shiyun, who just walked back, heard what Yang Zhi said,Stare at once to get angry。
“There is a second one here*Such a big beauty?It’s the best among beauties!Do not,Is a fighter among beauties!”
Talk,None of Qin Liang’s brothers is not a wolf or higher breed。Used to be at the base,In addition to going out to perform tasks,The rest of the time I stay in the base and cannot go anywhere,So these big masters spend their time by playing tricks all day。
When Yang Zhi praised himself so much,Yang Shiyun’s anger disappeared immediately,The girl under the sun,Who doesn’t like men complimenting themselves,Flatter yourself。
See Yang Shiyun stopped talking。Yang Zhi knew that his flattery worked,Immediately turned his face and blinked at Qin Liang,Smiled unkindly。
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Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Four Action begins
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