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“Don’t tell him,It turns out that I just heard about bureaucrats,I didn’t expect there was such a bureaucrat。”Linda said to Secretary Yue。
Secretary Yue laughed too,Pointing to Guan Hao’s nose and said:“You,look for a job,Didn’t you find out,After Linda came to the mainland, her whole body was covered with thorns,Not that Linda from Hong Kong。”
Guan Hao is even more confused,Is it that Mr. Ai is Linda,I used to be the general manager Linda,Is Ai is her last name。
Several people walked into the reception room with a smile。As a veteran reporter Yu Jie,Reflects the professionalism of journalists,Even though she and Yue Xiao are still concerned that Hao came from Ducheng,And the relationship with the leaders of these two cities is not ordinary。
But she has not participated in their conversation since the beginning,Instead, I’m performing my duty with the interview book in my hand,Even the seats are with the camera,Not with the leaders。
To enliven the atmosphere,Guan Hao deliberately asked Yue Xiao:“Secretary Yue,You haven’t revealed the answer just now?”
Yue Xiao laughed again and said:“This one,Let Linda talk to herself。”
Linda personally sent two glasses of water to the two leaders respectfully,She dresses very plainly today,It is a tailored and well-made professional suit,The exquisite lines that outline Linda’s graceful figure are beautiful and charming。
Yue Xiao took a few more glances,I feel that she and Yu Jie have different beauty,Linda has the right style,This may also be related to her occupation,Face various problems every day,I have to deal with all kinds of men with real power every day,It’s no surprise that there are more style and coquetry,And Yu Jie’s professional superiority naturally makes her develop a reserved and confident character。
Linda says:“Secretary Yue,You can’t save me some face,I have to show my ancestors。”
“Haha。”Yue Xiao is laughing again,I can see that he is very happy today。
Linda said:“That’s it,My original surname is Aisin Gioro,As early as after the May Fourth Movement,Some progressive people in the family have changed their surnames to Ai or Jin,I think the last name of Ai Xinjueluo is too stale and ostentatious。After liberation,The whole family was changed,in my memory,My two cousins all changed their surnames to Jin,Our family follows the surname Ai。”
Aixinjueluo is the surname of the Qing Dynasty royal family。Manchu“Love new”Is the family name:“gold”the meaning of:“Jue Luo”Is the last name,It is the place where Nurhaci ancestors first lived“Jue Luo”As last name:“Aisin Gioro”The meaning of this surname is,Noble and holy like gold。
In the Qing Dynasty, the Aixinjueluo family was divided into clan and jueluo,To show the difference of blood relationship,At the same time give some meritorious officials the surname Gioro,After the end of the Qing Dynasty, more people took Han surnames,Rujin、king、Sun、Ai、Luo、Zhao、Fan et al。