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He went to a room inside first。
That is the room Ling Xiaoyun used as a temporary bedroom,Where he put the safe,But as expected,Although the safe is still there,The door of the safe is open,Empty inside,There is nothing left。
I didn’t have any hope,So there will be no disappointment。
Ling Mofeng looked around in the bedroom early,Except for some useless things,Nothing else,A small frame with photos dropped on the bedside,Caught his attention。He walked over and picked it up。
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Chapter nine hundred and fifty four I’m overbearing
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In the frame is a photo of Ling Xiaoyun holding him when he was a child。
Blow off the dust on the frame,Ling Mofeng stared at the photo for a while,Two words were spit out gently:“Dad”……
Ling Mofeng and his father still have a deep relationship,Otherwise, he wouldn’t listen to his father so much,Although slutty,But never really did something illegal or criminal,This is also the fundamental reason why he escaped from prison today。
As Qin Liang said,Although Ling Xiaoyun is a bad guy,But he is really a good father,He did so many bad things himself,But strictly forbids his own son to do bad things,This also invisibly saved Ling Mofeng。
Drew the photo out of the frame,Watched carefully for a while,Ling Mofeng put the photo into the pocket of his suit,Then wiped the tears that fell on my face,Turned around and continued looking around。
But come and find,All the harvest of the last Ling Mofeng,Only that photo……
Two hours later,Ling Mofeng walked out of the door of the Film and Television Trade Union Division,Go forward blankly without looking back……Several plainclothes policemen hiding in the dark,Secretly followed。
“Liu Ju,It seems that Ling Mofeng also got nothing。”