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[How to make triangular rice with laver?
】 _How to do_How to do

In a narrow sense, rice refers to rice, which is something that southerners will almost always eat, but people can make rice tasteful and make the rice full of wonderful taste. For example, making rice with rice is a kind ofVery good way to eat, for example, seaweed stuffed rice is a type that people like very much. Let ‘s take a look at how to make triangle seaweed stuffed rice.

Method 1: Put salt, white sesame and sesame oil in warm rice first.

2. After the eggs are broken, add a small amount of salt to season, add them to a pan and fry them into egg skins, then cut into long strips.

While the pan is still hot, fry the sliced ham and carrots, be sure not to get burnt or unfamiliar with the heat.

3, everything is ready, start to pack, take out two sheets of laver and lay it down, and pour rice on top of three quarters.

Spread every three-quarters of the corners covered with laver by hand. Don’t squash the rice too hard.

4. Then put the egg strips, carrot strips, ham strips, spinach, and pickled radish in order.

5. Roll up the seaweed. It must be tightly rolled. This is the most important.

Because if the roll is not tight, it will loosen when cutting.

6. Finally, use a knife to cut the rolled laver rice into 1.

5cm pieces.

Method two production process 1, seaweed is thin, piece by piece.

Not the kind of soup you usually make.

Of course it is the most authentic taste from South Korea.

Bake laver in the microwave for half a minute. Don’t overdo it. Lazy and unskilled people can skip this step.

2. Spread the eggs (2) into egg skins and cut into long strips.

The specific method is: after the eggs are broken, the eggs are fried in a pan and cut into long squares, then cut into long strips.

Lazy and eggless people can skip this step.

3. Carrots and cucumbers each have long strips.

Carrots do n’t need to be eaten. The auxiliary ingredients are pork floss, crab fillet, ham, and sausage instead of one or more. You can also put other delicious ones you like.

Except for the meat floss, cut into strips if it can be cut.

4. Soak the rice in clear water for an hour or two. The steamed rice should be soft and hard. If necessary, you can also prepare some cooked glutinous rice and millet. It is more authentic to make some kinds of rice together.

5. After the rice and water are cooked 1: 1, put them in a bowl, stir well, and let them cool.