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Body curves let pedal exercises change you

“Pedal exercises” as a form of aerobics has gradually become a fashionable way to lose weight internationally.

The reason is that “pedal exercise” is a combination of step exercises and aerobics movements and steps in the fitness test, which are completed on special pedals. Therefore, it has all the characteristics of aerobics, plus its height can be adjusted.Bodybuilders can easily maintain the effective intensity of exercise to lose weight, and more effectively improve their coordination.

Another reason: “pedal exercise” is safer.

Because “pedal exercise” mainly moves up and down on the pedal continuously, the jumping action is relatively shortened, which naturally makes the lower limb joints have obvious flexion and extension and cushioning, which can greatly reduce the impact on each joint and avoid long-term jumping to the greatest extent.Sports injuries.

  The main reason is that it has obvious energy-consuming and fat-reducing effects and improves muscle line.


The pedal exercise “just regained its starting point, some friends who don’t know much about” the pedal exercise “are worried about the” pedal exercise “training, which tends to over develop the leg muscles and make the legs thicker. In fact, this kind of worry is unnecessary.

Friends who hold this view are mainly lack of further understanding of fitness knowledge, and believe that the reason why blindly believes that “pedal exercise” has become an important course for fitness clubs abroad is that foreign women are pursuing muscle development. In fact, otherwise, in today’s information, traffic is so developedIn society, the standards for the pursuit of the beauty of the human body and the beauty of the human body are increasingly free of geographical and ethnic restrictions, not to mention that they are not the same race, but the basic physiological mechanisms are the same, and the way to develop muscles is the same.

The three necessary conditions for developed muscles are nutrition, rest and muscle resistance work. Aside from nutrition and rest, the most effective way for developed muscles is to carry out heavy-weight, low-intensity, high-intensity weight-bearing resistance exercises.

“Aerobics, as a form of aerobics, is a continuous, medium to low-intensity exercise performed under excessive oxygen supply. The development of muscles is compatible with the intensity required for work.Low strength can only make the legs firmer, the muscle lines are more slender, effectively solve the problem of sagging hips, and the stretching and stretching in pedal exercises make your movements more flexible and lighter.

In addition, the pedal has a certain height, and the same action naturally consumes more energy than on a flat ground. At the same time, the effect of reducing fat will be more obvious under the condition of proper diet.

  Note: (1) aerobics, sports shoes (2) be sure to pay attention to moving your wrists, ankles, knees before class (3) pedal placement should be correct and stable, beginners should actively consult the coach (4) step on the pedalWhen the toes touch the pedal from top to bottom, do not make the pedal forward. The center of the pedal is vertical (5) To ensure safety, beginners choose the elementary course (6) to avoid entry in the middle of the pedal, causing serious injuries (7))If the following conditions occur, you can stop practicing (leg fatigue, pain and discomfort in local body parts, dizziness, excessive heart rate, etc.)