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Waited a minute,A young security guard at a jewellery shop who was bolder quietly looked up,Found that two masked robbers were covering their wrists,Fell to the ground,The two pistols have been thrown far away。
Seeing that the masked robber had no gun in his hand,Still fell to the ground,The security guard is bold,Jumped up,Pick up the handcuffs around the waist,Handcuffed the two。
“Haha,See you arrogant,Got caught by me。”The young security guard personally caught two masked robbers,I don’t know how happy I am,I thought I would be greatly commended by the jewelry company this time.,And in the city,I will definitely send a bravery reward,Then became a celebrity,No need to be a security guard anymore!
At this moment,The police also came to support,Immediately caught these two robbers as,Sent to the police station。
A policeman patted the young security guard,Loud praise for his brave fight against robbers。
Qin Liang saw this scene,Happy to admit it,He really doesn’t want to be too swagger。
When everyone was surrounded by the young security guard to give praise,Qin Liang already helped Shen Ruoxi and Shen Ruoxue to leave the jewelry store,This place of right and wrong。
Both Shen Ruoxi and Shen Ruoxue have not recovered from the robbery just now,Especially at the scene, one person was robbed and killed,Fortunately, Qin Liang didn’t let the two of them see such a bloody scene,Just lie to them,That person is seriously injured。
Shen Ruoxue was trembling because of fear,Look a little blue,I feel a little soft,The whole person leaned on Qin Liang’s arm,She pressed tightly on Qin Liang’s arm。
I feel a tingling sensation in my arm,Make Qin Liang feel a little bit contemplative,of course,He can’t really touch Shen Ruoxue,Who left Shen Ruoxi?。
Shen Ruoxi is worse than Shen Ruoxue,Her beautiful face is completely pale,The short masked robber came to her just now,If it wasn’t for Qin Liang to stand in the way,,She is going to collapse。
Thinking of Qin Liang coming forward,For my own life,Voluntarily hijacked by gun robbers,Let Qin Liang’s shadow be deeply imprinted in her heart again。
There is a man willing to die for himself,This must be something all women want。
Thought of here,Shen Ruoxi, who had a hot temper,,Seeing Qin Liang’s eyes softened a lot。
Because Shen Ruoxi was too frightened,The whole person feels full,She fell into Qin Liang’s arms,Smell the special smell of Qin Liang,I was intoxicated,Protected by men like Qin Liang,Must be very happy。
Beauty in arms,Qin Liang is also very happy。
Just walked two steps,Shen Ruoxi is weak,Accidentally twisted an ankle,Looking at Shen Ruoxi’s painful expression,Qin Liang said nothing,She hugged Shen Ruoxi with a shy face。
“Qin Liang,You put me down。I can walk。”Shen Ruoxi is a little unnatural,Grow up,She hasn’t been hugged by a big man yet,She nestled in Qin Liang’s arms,Face crimson,Too ashamed to look at Qin Liang。
Qin Liang looked at Shen Ruoxi’s shy look,Smiled:“look at you,Always stiff mouth,Obviously can’t go,I have to say I can go,Are you asking for trouble?。”