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“I heard Yuner call you sisters,So you are all older than Yun’er, right?”
This is the first sentence Tian Jing began to probe。
“Yep,We are a little bigger than Shiyun。”
Song Min’s answer without thinking,Chen Hao cautiously did not speak。
When Yang Shiyun hinted that she and Song Min came to the kitchen to help,She knew Yang Shiyun must have a premonition,So she started to be cautious。
“Are you all married??”
Tian Jing started……
“amount,not yet。”
Song Min immediately became alert!She’s not good at all,I just didn’t think about it.,After all, on the way to Shen’s house,Yang Shiyun has already called everyone“Vaccination”Up,So Tian Jing suddenly asked,She reacted immediately。
“Why not get married yet?You are not young anymore。”
Tian Jing, this is paving the way for the next thing to say。
“also……Not in a hurry。”
Song Min is embarrassed,I began to speak cautiously。