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Not long after Hu Lai and Wang Guangwei went for training the next day,Everyone in the dressing room knows that they were selectedU22Big list of training teams,I’m leaving the team in a few days to go to Hongfengling for training。
If the training is over, if you perform well,Can be selected for the realU22national team,Then represent China to participate in the East Asian Cup。
“Awesome!you two!”
“Generally, it’s the Chinese Super League team that can have multiple people selected for this big list.,Unexpectedly, our Chinese A team will also receive this treatment。”
Captain Li Tielin said to the two people very seriously:“Go and behave well,Don’t lose our shining star!”
“Do not worry,Team Lee!I’m ashamed to transfer,It’s not the person who lost the star!”Hu Lai choked Li Tielin in the second sentence,Cough violently。
“Hahaha!”Everyone’s cheers and laughter rang out in the dressing room。
Zhang Qinghuan couldn’t help laughing when he saw this joyous scene next to him。
He thought of his mood when he was first selected for the national team training list,I can’t wait for the whole world to know that I was selected for the national team……
See how excited Hu Lai is now,How similar to me back then?
Really a kid who has never seen anything in the world……