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He had always hoped to prove his strength in Flash Star,Goals are of course the way to prove,But not the only,Assists can actually be。
After all, his position is not a scorer,Assists are of course very important。
But after thinking of this,He was even more surprised,Looking at Hu Lai with wide eyes:“Fuck me,You can score this kind of pass?!”
He really didn’t expect that a pass like this would turn into an assist……
“nonsense!And don’t look at who is in the middle!”Hu Leong started and said triumphantly。“I tell you,You just have to dare to pass,I dare to enter!”
Don’t wait for Chen Xingyi to say anything,The flashing star players hugged the two,They shouted。
They came for Hulai’s goal,But also entrapped Chen Xingyi。
After seeing the goal, Zhao Kangming, the head coach on the sidelines,,Slap hard:“That’s right,Lao Chen!They two are special,Chemical reaction!”
Chen Mo grinned:“I just said,Hu Lai is a treasure hunter!From Zhang Qinghuan to Chen Xingyi,Who else he cannot influence?Even went to the Olympic team,Also affected a lot of people!”
Zhao Kangming rubs his chin comfortably,Look at that large group of people with admiration eyes。
Neither he nor Chen Mo were so excited about the goal,Although they are very clear,Hu Lai played this ball very beautifully。
But so what?
For those who know Hu Lai,Isn’t this Hu Lai’s normal performance??
Compared with a brilliant goal,They obviously care more about the overall performance of this team。
Chen Xingyi’s assist not only linked him to Hu Lai,Also let Zhao Kangming see hope。
indeed,This young man is not very familiar with the rest of the team,But so what?