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【Mr. Yu’s thing in the post,It has a nose and eyes,I feel,it is true】
【Will it,Mr. Yu’s sister indeed,But it wasn’t Ou Huangsheng?】
【I go,It’s really possible!!】
Baby Ou has a hearty meal,If the purpose of spreading rumors is,In order for Ou Clan to admit that Sun Xiaofei is Yuze’s sister,Then,So foolishly planting on my mother,It also makes sense。Compared to ridiculous content,Step back,Tell the truth,Seems to be a good way to solve the rumors.
Ha ha。
Baby Ou never thought of explaining the existence of Sun Xiaofei,She just needs to make the rumors just rumors。Really pulled Sun Xiaofei out,It’s endless,I’ll definitely take care of my grandson。Based on mother’s analysis,Sun Hao is a very expressive person,Then don’t give her a chance at all,Is the best。
Baby Ou smiled,Just about to speak,Was interrupted by Yuze。
“I don’t have any sister,This is the rumor。My mother never gave birth,No one else can give birth to my sister。My father passed away so long,This kind of rumor suddenly appeared,Also quite funny.My father is a martyr,It’s fine to spread rumors and insult us,Spread rumors and insult the martyrs,Really,Not a thing,In vain。The rumors are already shameless,How dare you pretend to be my sister?,It’s even more shameless,Why are you human?.”
Yuze is merciless,“this matter,We will investigate to the end。This post,And the marketing account followed,Waiting to receive the lawyer’s letter。An apology is not enough,I will teach you to be human。Don’t cry and yell at me,Bullying,Is it because I stand in this position,Must be tolerant?My tolerance depends on the object,This kind of things that are not human and help things that are not human,Nothing good,Don’t deserve my tolerance。”
“.”Ou Baobao and Zhuge Yaoniang who have been silent for a while lowered their heads,That’s too much?
mainly,Baby Ou thinks,What if Sun Hao took out a paternity test??It’s fake?
“If someone could show any paternity test,That must be fake。I said before,My father has been dead for a long time,Where did the appraisal result come from??Did Lord Yan do it for you??Fake can’t be true,Don’t want to blackmail me from me,I will take it to the end。As for my father’s death,What kind of ex-girlfriend before marriage?,This is normal,My father is also very good,How else would you marry my mother?,Few ex-girlfriends,Is this a good man??”
Yuze continues to talk nonsense,“The kind of excellent but innocent man,Only exists in fantasy movies,It’s better to have some cleanliness,Womanphobia or something。Then only the heroine can hug this man.have you understood?fake,all fake!!You have to think more about spreading rumors,Really speechless.and so,Don’t send me any evidence,Are they fake hair?,Shows that you have money to fake and have low IQ??”
Ou Baobao speechless,and so,Did you deny it completely??Is this a bit too extreme??
Zhuge Yaoniang’s unstoppable scream——Sun Xiaofei,Definitely has something to do with jade!!!But it’s definitely not a good relationship,She must tell dad to be careful when she goes back,Don’t get mixed up by this mess.Otherwise, like the Qin family,It’s over。