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It’s finally my turn to perform!
The first game did not start until the fourth quarter,It can be regarded as suffocating O’Neill。Although the final data and performance are pretty good,Far worse than Kobe。
O’Neal is actually more valued by the Bulls,In the first game, all the defensive systems revolved around O’Neal, a wild beast.。
And the firstOKObviously cracked this system,Transfer and transfer with the ball,And Kobe’s extraordinary individual combat ability broke the Bull’s infinite double-team rotation。
Phil Jackson is notoriously volatile on the court,And he did a lot of homework off the court。Several systems tailored to the Lakers before the Finals。
Now it’s a very different defensive strategy from the first game.。
Longley against O’Neal!Outside players are not defending,But Rodman turns around!
Although Rodman’s movement is much slower than the bull’s outside line,But his defense effect is definitely better!
Rodman knows more about the attacking rhythm of the inside players and how to defend。The problem is Rodman goes to help defend,Can Campbell complete the offense。
The Bulls’ perimeter players will not go inwards for this game,Campbell was in an empty state when O’Neal was flanked,If he hits the penalty area,Langley and Rodman still have time to defend,If he hits,Really no one can defend。
Phil Jackson is betting!