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Liu Xiaoyun said dumbly。
“I have a hasty,Shen Ruoxue,Can we kidnap without morals??Oh,Xiaoyun is your best friend,She must help you?Then she is still my sister-in-law,Is it still my apprentice??”
Qin Liang protested frankly,Okay,He didn’t say it smoothly;Xiaoyun is still my little wife……
“To shut up,Eat your meat!Why am I bothering you so much now!”
Shen Ruoxue“Angry into anger”He scolded Qin Liang。
“Row!This is what you said!Koyuki!Are you bothering me?OK,From now on,I won’t say a word to you from now on。”
Qin Liang replied unceremoniously。
Shen Ruoxue was shocked,Looking at Qin Liang dumbfounded,The expression on the face is intricate!
“What am i doing?You said it yourself,Everyone can prove,You bother me。”
Qin Liang held back his smile and continued。
“I……I’m just kidding,Not serious!”
Shen Ruoxue immediately persuaded。