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“I want to see her too。”
Swallow talked too,Back then, she and Qin Liang treated Xiaoyu who was drugged,Rescued from that wicked bed……So she cares about Xiaoyu,More than other girls。
“Which little princess can take a hard time,Take us there?”
Qin Liang looked around and said。
“father,I take you!”
This time,Murong Xiaoyao volunteered,Come forward。
“Then the key will lead you,It’s late,Little Duzi is pregnant,We go too many people will disturb her rest,We go during the day,You three go see her now。”
Murong Shan agreed。
“Little Duzi?”
Qin Liang looked at Murong Shan in surprise……
“Oh,Because the two words soy oil Shanshan in our names,So I deliberately called her Xiao Duzi。”
Murong Shan proudly said。
“It feels like you are calling a little eunuch。”
Qin Liangshun joked。
“Your little eunuch can be pregnant?Miss you too much!”
Murong Shan started to roll her eyes……
“amount……My little eunuch just came back from Thailand,no, sorry?”
Qin Liang deliberately talked nonsense,The atmosphere just now was too tense,He is deliberately making everyone relax。
“Don’t talk nonsense!The key is still here!In front of your daughter,Is it appropriate for you to open your mouth like this??Neuropathy!”