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Qin Liang said happily。
“It won’t happen……”
Zhao Tuo’s guilty answer,In fact, he usually misses his future daughter-in-law, Mandarin Duck,It’s just that he hides it better,Never in Yang Zhi,Hadron and Marin have been exposed before。
Qin Liang answered without hesitation。
Qiangzi and Marin looked at each other,Did not speak。
Zhao Tuo doesn’t see others talking anymore,I thought about it and didn’t say anything。
This kind of problem will involve you“The other half”,Is a more sensitive issue,And hadron,Ma Lin and Zhao Tuo’s other half are all members of the Shen family,So the three of them dare not discuss this topic easily。
It’s no different from Yang Zhi’s horoscope,Hadron,Ma Lin and Zhao Tuo belong to the eight characters that have already had their own character,So these three are quite cautious on this issue。
“Don’t you guys think so?”
Seeing brothers stopped talking,Qin Liang asked awkwardly。
“Boss,It’s not that we don’t think so,But we have never faced this problem,and so……We haven’t experienced it firsthand,How do you want us to express……”
Hadron answered carefully,I’m afraid I said the wrong thing。
“Oh,Right,I blamed you all,Ha ha,But not in a hurry,You are all coming soon!What setbacks did you encounter?,Remember to ask me secretly,I promise to go all out to help you solve the problem!I must help you marry those three beautiful little girls as wives。”
Qin Liang said with confidence。
“Boss!I’ll follow you in this life!”
Qiangzi immediately said happily。