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“And ah,Even if I went to the national competition,If the strength is not enough,Maybe not as good as the previous national competition……This time without Luo Kai,Others really have to work harder。”
“Watching them train like this,Suddenly look forward to their performance in the national competition……Unfortunately, the national competition is not in winter or summer vacation,Otherwise, I really want to go there……”
During lunch break,Every student in Dongchuan Middle School near the playground,Can clearly hear the shouts and whistles coming from inside。
Everyone was surprised at first,I got used to it later。
That is the football team of Dongchuan Middle School is training inside。
As for why we never train during lunch break before,But now suddenly started training,Also normal,This team has reached the fourth round in the Anton Cup,Four games short of the Anton Cup final。Of course, training should be strengthened。
Since the Dongchuan Middle School football team achieved good results in the quarter-finals in the last national competition,Football is getting hotter in Dongchuan Middle School,getting more popular。
Even if you don’t watch the ball,Students who don’t understand football,I also know that Dongchuan Middle School is now the hottest student club,It’s the football team。
Anton Cup matches every weekend now,As long as it is at home,The stadium is almost full。Not enough seats in the stands,The edge of the runway was full of people。
The outstanding performance of the football team has greatly enhanced the pride of Dongchuan Middle School students and their pursuit of school honor。
In turn, the enthusiastic support of the students also allows the players of the football team to perform better in the game.——Children of this age don’t have the problem of playing football at their home courts, but they are under pressure and not playing well.,All of them are crazy,More people get more excited。