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The smoke in the house quickly cleared,Jiang Fan then saw that she was frying ribs。
Jiang Fan said:“Too much trouble,Why do these,Let’s go to the cafeteria to have spare ribs。”
Ding Yi glanced at him,The men are busy,Said:“Sister Yue told me today,you lost weight,She asked me to make you something delicious,Eat more meat。I said i can’t do it,She taught me to make this scallion pork ribs。I bought the ribs from the supermarket after get off work,I’ll start experimenting when I come back,I hope to succeed at once。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“Where did Xiaoyue see me?”
“On TV。”
“Haha。”Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“TV can still see fat and thin?”
Ding Yi said:“She is right,Your section is thin,And you are so busy,This is my negligence,I’ll make meat for you every day。”
“Haha,Are you fattening?”
“you can say so。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“Don’t make these at home in the future,Too much trouble,And it’s too choking,The room is full of oily smoke。”
“No way,I want to learn more,To achieve the purpose of fattening。”
“Haha。”Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“Can’t bear to let you do this。Let me help you。”
Ding Yi said:“you will not。”