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Yes,This is a misunderstanding!
A few days ago,In order to highlight Wang Yufei’s ability, the children of Provincial No. 1 Middle School kept emphasizing his identity as a junior high school student。
Wang Yufei is already a sophomore student;
But Guo Xiaoyi is here too,At this time, she is the only junior high school student in the Provincial No. 1 Middle School,I just responded ignorantly;
But Zhao Yuming said something rudely, the little girl poked Guo Xiaoyi’s pain point!
Yes,Zhao Yuming said little,High probability refers to age,But girls always mature earlier than boys,In the eyes of a little girl,This annoying man said that she was young because she hadn’t had time to develop somewhere?
Just say you are out of breath!
At least it can blow up Guo Xiaoyi!
So when Zhao Yuming issued a war letter,Guo Xiaoyi challenged it without even thinking about it!
of course,Solve math problems,It will never be solved by the explosion of a small universe because of anger。
But Guo Xiaoyi is not afraid。
She has a brother,Happens to be good at this。
So if you have the courage to say something, you have to talk to Zhao Yuming.,Guo Xiaoyi looked at her brother naturally。
Wang Yufei smiled wryly and nodded slightly。