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The old professor is anxious,The voice trembling loudly called her daughter,however,My daughter has never heard back。Old professor panicked,Hurriedly shouted to the bedroom:
“Old joe!Old joe!”
Aunt Qiao was woken up by the phone,Walk out in clothes,She rubbed her eyes and asked in surprise:“What’s your nerve in the middle of the night,Yelling?”
Ding Naixiang said:“fast,Find a way to find me a car,I’m going to Kangzhou,To pick up primary one。”Talking,Just slumped weakly on the sofa。
Aunt Qiao didn’t find him a car right away,But sit next to him,Said:“Old Ding,Don’t worry,What happened to the phone just now?”
The old professor looked at her,Eyes full of panic and anxiety,Said:“Xiaoyi must be sick,Nonsense in the middle of the night,Call me mom,Let me pick her up,Hurry up,Find a way to find me a car,I want to immediately、Go to Kangzhou now,Pick up my daughter!”Talking,Got up and went into the bedroom,Go change clothes。
Aunt Qiao said:“Where to find a car in the middle of the night?”
After Ding Naixiang heard his wife’s words,,Stick your head out,Said:“If you don’t want to find,I went to the street to take a taxi。”
Take a taxi to Kangzhou,Will cost a lot of money?Of course Aunt Qiao can’t bear it,She said:“You can’t call Leilei in the middle of the night, right?,Forget it,I’ll take a look at the school car。”Talking,She made a call。
Ding Naixiang took advantage of her call,Just get dressed,Came out with a leather bag,He puts on shoes,Took a look at his wife,Don’t speak,Opened the door and walked out。
Ding Naixiang came to the courtyard downstairs,at this time,There are only a few windows in the building of the family courtyard with lights on,Most people fell asleep。Late autumn night,Already very cold,He doesn’t know the situation of his daughter in another place,I don’t know if she is sick or in a coma,He can’t wait to hold his daughter in his arms immediately。
He was pacing restlessly in the yard,Waiting anxiously for his wife to contact the vehicle,He settled down,Looking up at the cool stars in the sky,I can’t help but close my eyes,Old tears flowed from the corners of both eyes……