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Meizi’s awkward answer,This question is too difficult to answer!
“Then why is she unhappy or unhappy??”
Murong Qiaoyao continued to ask。
Meizi was asked,Don’t know how to answer,Because it’s been a long time and didn’t come because of one。
“She rarely speaks,Don’t laugh,Always thinking about things alone。”
Murong Xiaoyao said to himself。
“So in the future, you have to always take her to talk with you,Drag her to play games with you,I have to find a way to make her laugh!Then she will feel happy gradually,It won’t be like today。”
Meizi said immediately。
“It’s useless,I have used all the methods you mentioned,Doesn’t work,She seems to have her own world,I can’t get in at all。”
Murong Qiaoyao suddenly said something that only an adult would say!
“you!How did you think of this?”
really,Meizi immediately asked in surprise。
“I’m not stupid。”