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“Don’t shoot……”
The door of the black car slowly opened,Then a voice came out of the car。
“get out!”
Liu Xiaoyun scolded,Ran to the car door with the gun。
The person in the car finally appeared!Four young people in their twenties got out of the car,Two men and two women,Everyone looks flustered。
“Get down,Face down to the ground!”
Yang Shiyun commanded loudly。
Two of the four men,Hesitatingly looked around, there were black holes everywhere, the muzzle pointed at himself,Slowly fell to the ground without saying a word,The two women stood motionless,Maybe they think there is nothing wrong with them……
“And you two。Get down,Did you hear me?”
Yang Shiyun scolded unceremoniously。
“we……Is female。”
The two girls don’t look very old,He’s around 20 years old,One of them answered carefully。
“To shut up,Where is so much nonsense!I count to three;If you two go down to the ground honestly,I shot and broke your legs!”
Liu Xiaoyun is not used to them,Immediately warned them loudly,By the way, I deliberately aimed the gun at one of the girls’ thighs。
“thump”Two beeps……
It was Liu Xiaoyun’s words that acted as a deterrent!The two women knelt immediately,Then he lay face down on the road one after another。
With Yang Shiyun’s voice landing,The police swarmed up,All four people lying on the ground were handcuffed。