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“This is a communication error by the outside line and the inside line。”Xu Xuan immediately found the reason,Then point your finger at a certain position of the video,“look,We are regional defense,Kent·Bazemore is standing here,At first it belonged to Russell’s defensive range,Then he moved laterally to the left。Russell just ran two steps along randomly,Did not keep up,Handed over Bazemore to Ingram in the corresponding defensive zone。”
“But there is obviously a problem with communication here,Russell’s footsteps stopped,And Ingram, who should guard this defensive area, did not post it in time;After detecting a loophole in the defensive area,Russell caught up again,But staggered with Ingram’s defensive zone,This resulted in a gap in Russell’s defensive area。”
“Ingram also noticed the gap,He is also ready to step forward,But he never distinguished whether it was zone defense or matchup defense,The stepping speed did not keep up,Just this little bit of space,Was caught by Bazemore——Howard received the ball without encountering any confrontation at all。”
Dazzling line analysis,Straightforwardly and clearly split the entire defense。Analysis from the post-match video playback,This is not difficult;But in a rapidly changing game,But it’s not that easy。
Not to mention Xu Xuan is a personal experiencer,The game has just passed,Many things still reverberate in his mind,So it can accurately describe the specific process。
Frank nodded in agreement.He’s not an echo bug,Actually,Just tactics,He and Xu Xuan had different ideas,However, the confession that Xu Xuan analyzed just now,In his opinion, there is no problem at all。
“and so,Next defense,At this point Russell can be properly pressed,The division of defensive areas should be clearer.But then the inside defense may be weaker.”Frank said。
“Let’s take a closer look at tomorrow’s defensive training,Outside defense can’t be lost,The best way is,Ingram can be more sensitive here。”
Xu Xuan also nodded,No longer talking。
Defense is not the Lakers’ strong point,But it’s an essential thing for every team。
Overemphasis is not the Lakers strategy,The starting team,Frank’s minimum requirement is.It looks like that。
Don’t underestimate this,Take the mistakes above,If Ingram and Russell cooperate better,If you have a better consciousness,I guess it won’t be a mistake,This is not simply man-to-man,Defensive failure,But the whole defense has a loophole,This is what Frank values。
Wait until the plane lands in Los Angeles,It’s already three o’clock in the morning,Flew for three hours。
After landing,The first thing most people do is to go home and sleep,Today is all day off,They can sleep well,Nurture the spirit。