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Her words,It was indeed stabbed by her,It seems that Guan Hao is a veteran on the court,Said badly:
“Correct,I often negotiate terms with women afterwards,you、Not the first and not the last,So don’t talk to me if you are interested……”
He leaned his upper body,Approach her,I had wanted“Shock”Take her,Remind her not to make trouble,Never thought“Snapped”The sound of,Slap her in the face,He immediately froze。
It’s not how powerful this slap is,It’s just that everything happens in unpreparedness,still is、Or this woman who just spent a wonderful night with herself。He has never been beaten by anyone since he was young,Even his parents never beat him,Because he has always been a self-disciplined and proud person,Never did anything that was punished。
in fact,This slap is entirely instinct,She was stunned after the fight,Especially seeing the flames gathered in his eyes,Don’t have to fight back,Enough to burn her to ashes。She trembled,Tears overflowed my eyes。
He frowned,There is a pressing hostility,Soaked her whole body cold,You know she is the number one man in the city!
Seeing her horrified and overwhelmed,There was a pain in his heart,The eyes slowly softened。What I said just now hurt her too much,Their relationship is fragile,Don’t talk about morality and conscience,It’s just that their own souls are not easy to pass,And she loves her husband that way,She will definitely feel guilty after she wakes up,I don’t comfort her without saying,Hurt her instead。
Thought of here,He stood up,Approach her slowly。
See him approaching,She stood up subconsciously,Two steps back,Lips trembling,Tears gushing from the eye sockets,so many,So bright,Like Two Eyes Koizumi,Continuous flow,Stroked her delicate cheeks,Follow her beautifully curved jaw,Dripping to the white neck……
Gosh!She is so beautiful,Like a flower with night dew,Yingying tears、delicate and charming。
He grabbed those cold little hands impulsively,Keep them behind yourself,Tightly、Hugged her tightly,Kissed her trembling little mouth,Didn’t let go of her lips until she couldn’t breathe,Said in a low voice:
“Let’s not hurt each other anymore?”
Heard him say this,She cried more sadly,Hug him tightly with both hands,Crystal tears keep gushing,Her delicate body,By sobbing slightly,Into a violent sob,Finally, he buzzed and cried。
He loosened her lips,Hold her tightly,Let her cry……
Crying crying,She beat him in the back with a small fist,Until I lose my strength,Collapsed in his arms。
That day he really saw what a woman’s tears were,Never finish。
She was crying,Dizzy。Endless tears,Soaked his clean shirt,Also exhausted Xia Jihan,He kissed her repeatedly,Even her lips are a little shiny and red,He strives to use endless tenderness and affection,Come to comfort her,But it never worked,Still crying buzzing,then,He suddenly said blankly: