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Jiang Fan glanced at Ding Yi,Said:“Ok,Where can i find you?”
Xue Yang said:“It’s the restaurant we often go to in Haidian,I’ll start right away,Pick up Director Yuan,If you can come out earlier, come out earlier。”
Jiang Fan hung up,Said:“Director Yuan。”
Ding Yi said:“Then hurry up,Mom and they will be here soon。”
Jiang Fan filled Ding Yi’s cup with water,And put the mobile phone and wet towel beside her bed,Say:“I told Jiang Yan to go。”
Ding Yi said:“no need,She can’t wait to see me once in a few minutes,What are you worried about,move,Don’t let them wait for you。”
Jiang Fan walked to her bed,Touched her belly and said:“Kids,Blame today,Don’t be naughty,Don’t toss your mother,Dad will come back after dinner。”He finished,Leaned down again,Kissed her cheek,Said:“I am leaving,Close your eyes and rest for a while。”
Ding nodded,Watching him walk out the door,I closed my eyes。
Jiang Fan hasn’t just left for two minutes,The ward door was gently pushed open,Shu Qing came in with a bunch of flowers。
Ding Yi heard the door opening, she didn’t open her eyes,She thinks it is Jiang Yan,Deliberately silent,Pretend to sleep,She thought Jiang Yan would quit when she was asleep,Unexpectedly, it smelled refreshing、Quiet fragrance,Is the smell of flowers,She opened her eyes immediately,I saw a bunch of flowers in front of me,That faint fragrance,It comes from the flowers。
“guess who I am——”Shu Qing hides behind the flowers,Deliberately lower your voice,Change the tone and say。
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Xiao Shu,How did you come?”
“Haha。”Shu Qing laughed a few times,Just move the flowers,Stand up straight,Said:“You hide in Beijing and enjoy Secretary Jiang’s care alone,Lao Peng hasn’t seen his leader for several days,He missed his leader,I miss you,We chased。”
“Look,I picked flowers,do you like it?”
Ding Yi is still on his side,Said:“like,I feel much better seeing this flower。”
“how?You have two babies with you,Are you in a bad mood?”Shu Qing said deliberately。