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Xiaodie’s mom frowned and asked。
“Did I say you believe it??I just learned,You know,I say anything cruel,Just never tell a lie。”
Zhuang Yong said with a bitter smile。
Xiaodie’s mom knows her husband very well,She knew he must not lie。
“correct,Miss our daughter, right??”
Zhuang Yong suddenly thought of Xiaodie。
“Of course I want,That’s the meat that fell from me!How could I not want,correct,Didn’t you say you brought her to pick me up??”
Xiaodie’s mother remembered this stubbornness。
“You see her now when you look back。”
Zhuang Yong said with a smile。
Xiaodie’s mother turned back immediately,Sure enough, I saw my daughter right away,Although not close,But she recognized her own daughter at a glance。
then,She immediately walked to Xiaodie,of course,Zhuang Yong’s hand didn’t release her,But kept holding her hand and walked over。
“Kocho,Your mother is here。”
Zhuang Hai reminded Xiaodie,Then he pulled Ade and the other two bodyguards back a few steps……
Xiaodie stared blankly at her mother who was walking towards her,All kinds of tastes came to my heart。
I’m more calm when I’m a mother,I walked all the way to Xiaodie,Just stopped,Xiaodie tenderly called。