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Peng Changyi said:“Xiaoding,Is there something to call?”
“Oh,I’m fine,I heard you got married,Xiaoding solemnly congratulated the section chief!congratulations!”
Peng Changyi said with a smile:“Ha ha,thank you!”
Ding Yi said again:“Did Xiao Shu go??”
Peng Changyi said:“No。”
“What is she doing at home?”
Peng Changyi said:“I told her in the morning,If she is bored, let her go to the TV station to play with you,But she said she wants to rush a paper。”
“Oh,Wait until she finishes,I go find her,I didn’t go to work either,Now back to dad’s house。”
“Why didn’t you go to work?Are you sick?”Peng Changyi’s concerns。
“No……No,I took two days off,Just want to rest,It’s too hot。”Ding Yiyi said。
Peng Changyi knows,Ding Yi never leaves work for no reason,Presumably she doesn’t go to work,Or because of Jiang Fan。He said:“It’s fine,Thinking of calling me when I need help,your business,I will manage as always,Not because Jiang Fan and I are here to work together,Not because of me……Change with family and business,I’m still your section chief,Whether it’s the evildoer or whatever,Did you hear?”
Ding Yi’s heart is hot,She said in a low voice:“Ok,Thank you section chief……”
Peng Changyi is also very strange,What I said to her just now was like taking an oath,So many years,Ding Yi has already regarded him as a close person,He doesn’t need to emphasize his point again,So why did he still emphasize it with Ding Yi?undoubtedly,Peng Changyi just wanted to express a wish,Even if he has a girlfriend himself,Married,Ding Yi is still the person he needs to pay attention to,Occupies a certain place in his heart,This position does not change due to world events。
“that’s it,Xiaoding,I should be going,Goodbye。”Peng Changyi said。
Ding Yi hung up the phone,The taxi arrived at the gate of father’s house。
She rang the doorbell,Then take out the key to open the door。
Dad standing in the living room with a writing brush looking at the door。