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“can,You put on the helmet。”
Xue Yang replied,One hand stretched out for the helmet。
“Dare you take off your helmet,I shot you to death。”
This is Liu Xiaoyun,Always so domineering,So mighty。
Xue Yang is stupid again,The girl in front of me looks so beautiful,How to talk so violently,Couldn’t the female warriors of the Dragon Soul speak softly?……
But want to return,Xue Yang obediently stopped the movement,Then looked at Liu Xiaoyun eagerly, dragging herself back。
Xue Yang is as tall as Qin Liang,And Liu Xiaoyun has the same petite figure as Shen Ruoxue,It takes a lot of effort to drag。
Shen Ruoxue watched Liu Xiaoyun drag the injured man hard to move on the ground,She gritted her teeth,I stood up and ran out。
“I go!”
Yanzi saw the two younger sisters all rushed out,I’m worried now,Nothing,And rushed out。
Fortunately, the situation on the battlefield has been controlled by the special forces team at this moment.,Otherwise, Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue are saving lives。
If this is on the battlefield with real gunfire,I’m afraid the wounded didn’t wait to be rescued,The two of them died first。
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Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Nine I killed~