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[Does Guiling cream make you fat]_How to use _What to pay attention to

The transient state of Guiling Ointment itself is not particularly high. In addition, some Chinese patent medicines for clearing heat and detoxifying and cooling blood are added, so it is very suitable for eating in summer.To meet the taste needs of consumers, a large amount of sugar may be added, or a large amount of honey juice may be added. If you use too much at this time, it may also cause weight problems.

Does Guiling cream get fat? Guiling cream itself does not have high conversion. In addition, it is made of cool and detoxifying Chinese herbal medicine, which should be a very healthy summer cold product.

However, since most of the products sold on the market are formulated with Guiling paste powder, the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying is greatly reduced.

Not to mention what Guiling paste powder is, but in order to satisfy the taste of consumers, many vendors add sweet sugar, honey juice, etc., which causes the originally low conversion of Guiling paste to instantly become a sweet bomb.Gain weight.

How to choose high-quality guiling paste to produce guiling paste must be continuously brewed and refined to extract the active ingredients of turtle plate and its traditional Chinese medicine, so the product appears thick and dark brown, but it can be clearly seen from the finished product of its thin slicesIts moisturizing and translucent feeling means there are no impurities between each other.

The taste of Guiling paste should be slightly bitter, and it will have a sweet taste after eating.

The texture is smooth and tender, easy to melt on the mouth, and delicious.

How to eat guiling cream without getting fat It must be that you make the original guiling cream at home without getting fat!

1, Guiling paste drink commonly mixed 3-4 tablespoons of Guiling paste powder, mix thoroughly with warm water, then rinse with boiling water, and put it in the back to congeal into a paste.

If you want to chew, put more Guiling cream powder when preparing.

2, Guiling paste dessert fruit salad Guiling paste: After washing various fruits, cut into diced or chunks, add small pieces of Guiling paste and mix well with salad dressing; mango tortoise paste: sliced mango, mix small pieces of Guiling pasteMix well with condensed milk; cheese Guiling paste: heat and melt the cheese, and directly pour on the refrigerated turtle paste.

3, Guiling paste, cut the prepared Guiling paste into small pieces, mix with sago dew, white fungus lotus root or mung bean paste, etc., into nutritious, healthy and delicious tortoise paste sago dew, tortoiseWhite fungus lotus seed lotus root, Guiling paste green bean paste, etc.