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[Gege brand steamed cake practice]_Gege brand steamed cake’s common practice_Gege brand steamed cake’s practice Daquan_Gege brand steamed cake’s how to make

When it comes to cooking, do n’t forget the gege steamed cake. It is a very easy-to-operate dish. Onions and ginger are essential. You also need to prepare yam powder for seasoning. Then you can cook it with a variety of ingredients. The taste is very delicious.It’s delicious. Friends who like to eat meat can let go and don’t need to worry about obesity.

1. Prepare the ingredients 2. Cake powder 100g 3. Separate the egg yolk from the egg white 4. Do not oil or water in the egg white bowl 5. Break up the egg yolks!

Add milk powder to make the milk!

Baking powder!

Sift cake powder 6, beat egg whites 7 and egg whites yolks 8. Beat egg whites three times and add 9 to the egg yolks, evenly 10, sprinkle with raisins 11, starch grease 12, shape 13, and add steamer for 15 minutes 14,The finished product is out of the oven 15 and served with a glass of milk 16. It is certainly convenient to see this soft and go out to eat, but the hygiene of the food can not be guaranteed, and the grid is completely made at home.