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This ball Malone chooses a more secure play,Without back5Years of seconds,He pushes slowly。Chisel step by step,Hitting Kobe hard。
Kobe is unrelenting,After being knocked open, post it immediately,Knocked away again,Post again。
O’Neill chose double-teaming,He can’t stand it anymore,Let go of Ostertag and pounce,Malone through the basket,But was intercepted by Bruce Bowen。
“Counterattack!”Kobe and Eddie Jones went straight to the Jazz half,Bowen passes the ball to Kobe,Kobe throws the ball high。
Empty dunk!
Eddie Jones stretches his body in the air,Dunk the ball in。
“Carl?Haven’t you eaten?”Kobe’s words made Malone angry,He is eager to give Kobe a response,Dancing your big iron elbow after the pick and roll,Kobe tilted his head back,Dodge the risk。
Ma Long sees his iron elbow is useless,Push up your ass and gouge your head inside。
Kobe sideways,Let Malone’s shock,Swoop,Malone dropped the ball!
Defensive success again!Lakers hit back,Sir Sloan announces suspension!
Kobe panting,He didn’t expect to be able to defend Malone continuously,In his opinion, a little restriction is a good ending。But impatient Malone gave Kobe a chance!
Malone’s three attacks against Kobe ended in failure.,Although there is a fluke element,But Sloan didn’t dare to let the impatient Malone go on singles.。
Sloan believed it was just an accident,But he needs to adjust his offensive tactics。
“John,You come to pack this Wallace。”