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Talking room,The two popularity suddenly increased,Form a confrontation in the venue,It seems that there is a big disagreement,Unable to mediate。
The two faced off,Others feel the difference first,The temperature of the venue began to drop,This drop is not because of the air conditioner,But a sense of oppression with a strong aura。
There is a pressure that is stronger than everyone else,The two people who had just been arguing shuddered equally,Wake up immediately。
They forgot,There is a master here,If the two of you really do something here,I’m afraid I will die on the street。
“Haha,Both are my distinguished guests of Zhao family,Feng Patriarch is right,The higher the price。”The auctioneer came out in time to reconcile。
“it is good,I pay 20 million,If anyone is more than this,I’ll let him。”
“Two thousand ten thousand。”Old man Feng said without rush。
Hear this,The other party almost vomited blood,I am embarrassed to take out one million,Isn’t this special code playing lazy??
The people present were also surprised by the words of the old man,Can still play like this?
Old man smiled,Look to the auctioneer:“Is there any problem with my asking price,You still stipulate that the bid price cannot be 10,000?”
The auctioneer thought for a while,There seems to be no such rule:“Really not,it is good,Two thousand and ten thousand once,twice,three times,Snapped,Deal。”