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Ade looked suspicious。
“I was about to ask you,Miss, has she encountered anything recently??I just found out that her mood is a bit abnormal,Seems to have something on my mind。”
Zhuang Yong raised his face and looked at Ad and asked again。
“Nothing happened……Oh,correct,Miss made a new friend yesterday,And took him back to the new house for one night。”
Ad seriously answered。
“new friend?What friend?She is also a pretty girl?Ha ha。”
Zhuang Yong’s self-righteous answer,He thought that since Xiaodie just met someone,Can bring her back to her new home,Then the other party must be a girl。
“Is not……Is a man……”
Ade is a little guilty,Quiet answer。
really,Zhuang Yongyi heard that he was a man,I got up from the chair immediately!My daughter actually took a man home to live!This is no small matter!
“master……They sleep in separate rooms!And that man,Have always been polite to the lady,Didn’t offend Miss,Still very regular!Oh……They also had dinner together,Miss is always happy。”
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Chapter One Thousand Eighty Six Nothing else
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Nothing else
Ade hurriedly explained。
“Oh……That’s it……”