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[How to make bowl bean clips]_Nutrition value_How to make

It is believed that many people have eaten boiled pea pods. Pea pods are a type of vegetable and have a delicious flavor.

Summer is the hottest time to cook pea pods. It is most comfortable to cook a plate of pea pods and drink a bottle or two of beer.

Pea pods can also be used for frying, and the taste is also very good. Next, I will show you how to fry peas.

Fried peas with fried peas is a traditional famous dish, which belongs to Sichuan imitation.

Wash the pea clips and marinate with a little salt; chopped ginger and green onions; shred green and red peppers.

Heat the pan, add oil, stir in the onion and ginger, add the green and red peppers, squeeze the water from the peas and add to the pan. Add the white soy sauce, sugar, and vinegar to the pan.Some monosodium glutamate and sesame oil, stir up the pan quickly and serve.

The main ingredients are pea clips, green peppers, assorted home cooking, light flavor ingredients and nutritional value raw pea clips 500 grams, ginger, shallots, salt, green pepper, red pepper, white soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, and sesame oil.

Production process 1: Wash the peas, add salt and marinate them; chopped ginger and green onions; shred green and red peppers.

2. Heat the pan, add oil, stir-fry the green onion and ginger, and add the green and red peppers. Then squeeze the water out of the peas and add to the pan. Add a little soy sauce, sugar, and vinegar to the pan.Finally, put a little MSG and sesame oil, quickly stir the pan and put it on the plate.

Introducing the microwave stir-fried pea clip belongs to the oven microwave. The main raw material is beans, the taste is light, and the process is fried. The shortcomings are elementary. If you made it according to this recipe, welcome to express your opinion in this recipe. Whether it is successful or temporarily failed, welcomeTake a photo of your results and share your experience.

The nutritional value of legumes and vegetables mainly includes lentils, beans, peas, cowpeas, etc. Most people only know that they contain a lot of high-quality protein and unsaturated fatty acids (good fats). They don’t know that the content of minerals and vitamins is higher than other vegetables.Not to know that they also have important medicinal value.

Chinese medicine believes that the common characteristics of legumes are flatness, which has the effect of dampening the spleen, and is especially suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach.

However, depending on the type, their therapeutic effects are also different.