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Daochang Bai doesn’t know what to say,Words of comfort are obviously superfluous,It’s totally unrealistic to persuade her not to cry,So I can only comfort Xiao Yuer casually.。
“I feel like I have had a terrible nightmare!And this dream is so long and so long……”
Xiao Yuer said sadly,That pitiful look,Everyone will feel distressed,When I first came, I was still a bright woman,The charming and charming little beauty,But now I cry so much that my eyes are swollen!
“Yuer,It’s passed,Your nightmare is over,Now you have so much like you again,love you,Take care of your loved ones,Have a happy and happy life in the future,Let your parents see you in the sky,I will also feel proud and happy because of such a strong and unyielding daughter like you。”
Qin Liang said firmly。
“She was such a pretty little girl,Look at the destroyed!Ugh……My heart,Don’t want it that hurts。”
Murong Shan said sadly。
“I thought of it beforehand……I prepared in advance……”
Liu Xiaoyun said suddenly embarrassed。
“You prepared in advance?What have you prepared?”
Qin Liang wondered。
“I’m afraid of unexpected accidents,So bring this。”
Liu Xiaoyun’s awkward answer,Then he reached out and took out a small dark green bottle from his pocket!That’s the healing medicine for Dragon Soul Warriors;The kind not only relieves wound pain immediately,And it can erase the scar afterwards without leaving a trace“Magic ointment”!