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Xiao Yuer immediately took“Spiced Rice Crust”All squirted out!But it’s not wasted,Because basically it was sprayed on Li Qiao’er’s face!
Li Qiao was caught off guard,Don’t even have the consciousness to dodge,So I gave Xiao Yuer to myself“gift”Take it all。
Except Li Qiaoer,Everyone else including Chen Dingxian laughed。
“sorry Sorry!Aunt Qiaoer,I did not do it on purpose!”
Xiao Yuer hastily apologized,Then I subconsciously stretched out both hands to help Li Qiaoer wipe the food crumbs on his face,But this time Li Qiaoer reacted super fast!Shot faster than Xiaoyu,Grabbed Xiao Yu’er’s injured arm with drips。
“Don’t move this hand!”
Li Qiao’er can’t care about the things on her face,But first ordered Xiao Yuer loudly。
Yanzi and Du Xiaoyan smiled at each other,Did not speak,But obviously both of them are very satisfied with Li Qiaoer’s timely shot.,As a dragon soul warrior,Must have such a quick response,Otherwise it will fail。
Li Qiao’er can have such a quick response,First of all thanks to Qin Liang,Bai Daochang,Intentions taught by Yanzi and others,But another aspect,It means she really worked hard,So Yanzi and Du Xiaoyan are very satisfied,Because their mother and daughter are both experts,As the saying goes“The expert reaches out,Know if there is”,So Li Qiaoer’s shot,They both knew it。
Also at this moment,It showed that Murong’s key is sensible,This girl turned around and ran to the bathroom,Then ran back with a towel,Handed it to Li Qiao’er。