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“She wants to write a book,She is an internet writer。”
Professor Yang answered in place of the girl again。
“Wow!Young,Since I’m already a writer?so smart!”
Qin Liang exclaimed again……
“Nothing,Just make some pocket money。”
The little girl smiled and replied shyly。
“Ha ha,She wants to earn money to feed her kittens and puppies,Also feed birds, fish, flowers and grass,Anyway, there are a lot of things that need her to feed。”
Professor Yang answered in place of the girl again,It seems that Professor Yang has a very close relationship with that girl,Otherwise, he won’t keep rushing to answer questions for her,At the same time, everyone can feel:He is absolutely good to this girl。
“Is this a typical Xanadu lifestyle??”
Swallow asked。
“Yep,Indeed,most of the time,I think this girl lives a kind of hermit life,I always think she belongs to the kind of person who lives in her own world,Alone but enjoy themselves。”
Professor Yang nodded his approved answer。
“She won’t be……”
Shen Ruoxi stopped after asking half a sentence,Then looked at the girl with a strange look。
“I don’t have depression,No mental illness,I’m just used to living by myself,I think the outside world is not suitable for me。”
The little girl immediately guessed what the question Shen Ruoxi did not ask was!At this moment, Shen Ruoxi was greatly surprised again!The cleverness of this girl is not under Liu Xiaoyun!Even what’s in my heart,She could guess it instantly!
“She just has her own lifestyle and habits,Other aspects are good,No problem。”
Professor Yang said with a wry smile。