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Liu Xiaoyun is stupid!What the hell is this!He obviously made Xiaoxue cry,Why does he seem to have no idea what happened?Won’t really be……Are you mentally abnormal?!
Shen Ruoxue was asked by Qin Liang,More wronged!This is amazing……This tears fell!Like a small waterfall!
“I have a hasty!What’s going on here?Crying like this?”
Qin Liang also panicked,He just put aside all the things in his mind for the time being,Looking at Shen Ruoxue intently and asked。
“Brother-in-law,Xiaoxue joked on purpose just now,Don’t be angry with her,She didn’t mean it。”
Liu Xiaoyun began to speak for Shen Ruoxue。
“pissed off?Why am i angry?I’m not angry?”
Qin Liang is also confused now,He didn’t think he said anything serious……
“Brother-in-law……Don’t scare me!Are you okay?”
Liu Xiaoyun’s face changed!She instantly remembered;Qin Liang once suffered from the aftereffects of the battlefield!He was the same as now,I didn’t understand anything at first,Can’t remember,A bewildered virtue!