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After the child comes back,talk later。
Baby Ou sees his brother is silent,Did not continue。Force others to obey oneself,It’s always bad。
Arrived at the banquet hall,The host waited at the door early,The car is not near yet,Greeted。
This eldest son got engaged today。Different from Oujia,Most families are sons,Even the eldest son,Inherit family business。This is the supporter of this concept。
The oldest son is the kind of family marriage,After the engagement,It means the position of the heir,Stabilized。Younger brother,Whether born in wedlock or illegitimate,Marry the girl who came in,Can’t be better than the eldest son’s wife。Sister and sister can marry high。
This is a farm product,Production and processing,I have worked with Wei Zi earlier,All these years,Has always been a very good partnership。There are also some business contacts with Daou,Today they have a happy event,Just catching up with Baby Ou,So I solemnly invited。
Because of the relationship,Baby Ou and Yuze are here。
This family’s surname is Qin。
“Congratulations.”Ou Baobao said hi when he got off the car。
Mr. Qin didn’t dare to reach out,Yuze reached out,He just shook it up,Smile at baby Ou,“Thank you,Thank you.”
Said a few more words,Mr. Qin led the two of Ou Baobao into the venue。
The whole audience is designed with the theme of gold, gray and pink,balloon,Flowers and various ornaments,Baby Ou looked around,Just to today’s heroine,“Miss Chen is really a talented girl,The design of this venue is really beautiful,I remember you seem to have a studio,Future cases on my side,I’m going to trouble Miss Chen.”