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Of course Qin Liang understands what Liu Xiaoyun means,If he just vaguely guessed Liu Xiaoyun’s mind,Then now,He already fully understands what this girl is talking about。
“What regret you said?”
Because Qin Liang is thinking about the deep meaning of Liu Xiaoyun’s words,So I asked casually,Ask this sentence,He really wanted to slap himself……Isn’t this asking knowingly?。
“I have been to this world,Except for my mother,I have nothing,But now I have another home,I have a sister who loves me,With a sister who is inseparable with me,If I ever love someone,Have been with him,Then I have no regrets。”
Liu Xiaoyun turned her face back,Seeing Qin Liang take it seriously。
“I know……”
Qin Liang hesitated,Still answered these two words。
This time,Two people have spoken a thousand words in communion with each other。
“You can understand,I am happy。”
Liu Xiaoyun finished saying this,I suddenly shed tears,But that is definitely not sad,Sad tears,But happiness,Sweet and satisfying tears。Because of her thoughts,Qin Liang finally knows。
“Your body hasn’t recovered yet,do not Cry,be good。”
Qin Liang comforted Liu Xiaoyun and said。
When he saw Liu Xiaoyun crying,His heart seemed to be stinged suddenly,If it wasn’t for this ward,Someone may come in at any time,He wanted to walk over and hug Liu Xiaoyun impulsively。
He suddenly found:Liu Xiaoyun is really not the same Liu Xiaoyun before,She grew up,No longer the ignorant little girl。
“You don’t care about me,I’m not sad,I am happy。”
Liu Xiaoyun explained in a low voice……
When Shen Ruoxue walked into Yang Zhi’s ward,,Qiangzi and Marin ran downstairs for a walk again,Only Yang Zhi is watching TV,Seeing Shen Ruoxue coming in,Yang Zhi’s eyes straightened immediately……
“Yang Zhige,I came to see you。”