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First106chapter I can’t wait for you because the time is short
Jiang Fan smiled,Comfort her:“What sneaky things can we two do?Just our special relationship,There is always something to be discussed separately,You rest well。”
Jiang Fan said,Tucked Ding Yi’s quilt,Get up and put on your coat,Then go out。
“Changyi,I was looking for you just now。”
Peng Changyi said:“I know,Xiaoqiang came just now。”
Peng Changyi walked to Shu Qing’s room as he said。
Jiang Fan was anxious at first sight,Said:“Changyi,Let’s talk in the car,Let them rest。”
Peng Changyi turned back after hearing this,Walk to the elevator。
Old Gu and Xiao Gao have gone back to the dorm to rest。Jiang Fan took out the key,Open the car,They both sat in,Jiang Fan then turned off the roof lights,Said:“Did you find it??”
Peng Changyi said:“Have。Xiaoqiang found the employee who mopped the floor,It turns out that it was Liu Cheng who let him drag the stairs,And as you said,He reasoned that the steps were too dirty,Let employees drag the stairs,At that time, the employee told him,It’s cold now,A thin layer of ice will form after dragging,Guests going up and down will be dangerous。Liu Chengcheng scolded that employee,If you want to drag you,What excuse?Employees are angry,I wiped the three steps one by one with a wet mop,He just finished wiping,Haven’t waited for it,It happened that they both fell。Unexpectedly,The lady boss also fell,Liu Cheng scolded all the waiters up and down。”
This is in Jiang Fan’s expectation,He continued to ask:“What name did Xiaoqiang investigate??”
Peng Changyi said:“Diners,He wore casual clothes,go to eat,When parking,Looked at the three steps,I saw that the carpet was already covered,Then I made a porcelain sleeve with the employee who directed the parking at the door。”
“Where is Liu Cheng?”
“It is said that I was not in the restaurant,I guess he’s with his wife?”
Jiang Fan gritted his teeth and said:“He invited the lobbyist over,But I can’t come。”
Peng Changyi said:“do not worry,Whether he is intentional or unintentional,I’m here,He dare not show up。”
Peng Changyi gritted his teeth secretly,Said:“I made him afraid of me,So when did he see me and when did he see the cat?。”
Jiang Fan looked at him,Said:“What are you going to do?”