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Yang Shiyun struggled a bit,But he bit his head and nodded,She is afraid that in case she says nothing,Bai Jing will introduce her boyfriend!That would be embarrassing。
“Oh,That’s better。”
Bai Jing nodded。
Knock on the door,It should be the waiter who brought the hot dishes,really,Ba Baijing stood up and walked over and opened the door,A few waiter sisters came in with five or six plates of hot dishes……There is actually a big plate of braised fish!
“The two of us can eat so much?This is too wasteful!”
Yang Shiyun said embarrassingly。
“Today is the day we become friends,You have to celebrate anyway?You’re welcome,From now on, my shop will be your own kitchen!Come,Let’s drink some wine for fun。”
Bai Jing greeted Yang Shiyun,Opened two bottles of beer by the way。
“I don’t have much alcohol,It’s the kind of drinking and playing。”
Yang Shiyun hurriedly covered the wine glass in front of him and declared。
“I didn’t plan to get down on you,Let’s be free,Drink as much as you can,Not reluctant,Just be happy。”
Bai Jing answered with a smile。
“Get,I’m relieved with your few words。”