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No, it ‘s because I ‘m too sensitive

First, beauties. If your girlfriend is a fair-skinned beauty, and you look mediocre, I can only say that you are unlucky, and the beauties are robbing you of your love.

Maybe she is not random, but is there any way, two women with such a big difference in appearance put together, the fool knows how to choose, who can you blame?

  When there is such a beautiful lady next to you, you can only be reduced to green leaves. No matter how beautiful the green leaves are, they are not as good as the red flowers, so it is best not to ask for trouble.

Most of the male friends around you will ask you for her news, and even let you build a bridge for them.

  Second, talented girls are no longer in the era of “women without talents are virtues”. Now talent is also an important means for girls to increase their attractiveness and popularity.

Although this kind of person is not as powerful as a beautiful woman, it is also a time bomb. You don’t know when she will explode.

Men may not pay much attention to such women at first, but after a long time, after a slow contact, they may be attracted by her talents.

You ca n’t be defended against this kind of person. People rely on their real skills. What can you do?

  Third, the weak female kind of girlfriends are also very scary.

A pair of big, touching eyes flashed innocent light from time to time, talking softly, and walking as if they would be blown down by the wind.

Such a situation, even we can not help but want to take care of her, not to mention that men naturally have a kind of big man psychology, want to protect the weak.

When I meet such a friend, I must feel helpless, but what can I do?

After all, tenderness cannot be easily installed. Once it doesn’t look like it, it lifts a stone and smashes its own feet, making men hate you even more.

  Fourth, sexy woman You must admit that if your girlfriend is a sexy person, then she must be a woman who knows how to take care of herself.

She knows how to use her own capital to give full play to the charm of women and let men fall down under her pomegranate skirt.

When she hangs up with a handsome guy you have long loved, maybe you will be sour and think that she is playing with coquettishness, but not your own sour grape psychology?

  Fifth, a virtuous woman, your girlfriend may not be beautiful, and she has no talent, but at least she is hardworking.

She would silently hand over a glass of water after the man finished exercising, and would hug him when the man was sick.

In every aspect of her life, she will take care of the men she cares about. These seemingly silent acts are actually very powerful.

It causes men to slowly get used to having her life, making men inseparable from her, and eventually being able to seize the hearts of men.

It is not unreasonable that Xianhui has been sought after for thousands of years.

  Sixth, the woman who can use caution machine The so-called caution machine does not mean using despicable means to achieve unseen goals, in fact, women who use small means are very smart.

She may pretend to forget the man’s birthday, and then give her a cold gift.

She will suddenly change her look one day and give a man a stunning look.

She knows how to create a mood. After all, not only women need romance, men also need it.

Every day, she changes the way he pleases men, and it is important for men to stay fresh at all times. Men are usually too much for these women.

  Seven, rich women If you like your rich girlfriends, don’t get angry.

A luxurious rich woman naturally has her advantage. Now that the society is so fierce and the pressure on men is also great, just imagine how much they can save if their girlfriend is a rich woman.

Don’t say that you have to rely on your girlfriend for a soft meal, but at least the girlfriend has money, he doesn’t need to support her, and if there is a crisis time, the girlfriend can save it.

Just as many women like to be able to marry a rich man, many men also want to be able to make a rich woman and make themselves less detours.