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After Kobe played in the fourth quarter,Already got7Minute!
And he is not ready to stop。
Continue to whip!
Continuous body change,Shake away a trace of space。
Just this little space,Kobe hits mid-range。
Three consecutive fake movements shaking,Then an extreme backward!
The basketball crosses a picturesque arc,Graceful access!
Two singles crazy!
I entered the rhythm of taking over the game as soon as I played,Only Jordan and Kobe have this confidence,At the end of the tie-break,One person resists all the attacks of the team。
Can win,Infinite light。
Lost,Will be scolded as a cancer。
“Do you dare to play like this in tiebreaker??”Hill asks for pennies。
“This,I don’t think so。”Penny shook his head,The ignorant is fearless,Or Kobe is the kind of character who holds it in his hand regardless of victory or defeat?Hardaway has no way of knowing,But let him play like this,He really can’t do it。
“I can’t do it。”Hill smiled bitterly,He really admires Kobe。If at the end of the regular season,He has another idea,That is if you put him in Kobe’s position,Not to mention doing better than Kobe,At least not much worse。
But now Hill understands,Him and kobe,There is indeed a gap。
Although his physical talent crushes Kobe,But Kobe’s willpower and skills,Are far beyond me。