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“Liu Lao,Don’t be angry,Is such that……”
The thin guy hurriedly told Lao Liu about Qin Liang。
Old Liu didn’t speak,I just looked at the thin guy in front of me in silence,Then his face was full of uncertainties。
“Liu Lao,I don’t know if this guy is a real expert,But he is really a fat sheep!”
The thin guy said confidently。
“He really has it on Alipay8Digits?”
Obviously Mr. Liu didn’t fully believe what the man in front of him said,He hesitated and asked again。
“Yes!True,I also turned2000Try it out,Balance really changed,Definitely notPof!That kid is really a big fat sheep!”
The thin guy nodded and confirmed。
“Since this is the case……Then take me to meet him!See how i clean him up!In this antique street,If I dare to bet on stone,I didn’t dare to say first!”
Liu Lao said dismissively。
That skinny guy saw that Mr. Liu was going to go out in person,I immediately became excited!
Mr. Liu shot,But I never missed it!Pass his hand,Has made several billionaires not only spend money obediently,Afterwards, he respectfully named Liu Lao as a master!
I was really sold by Mr. Liu,And help Lao Liu count the money!
“Haha,As long as Mr. Liu, you go out in person,Whether he is an expert,All kills!”
The thin guy smiled and slapped Liu Lao’s flattery。
After a while,Mr. Liu and the thin guy came to Qin Liang’s room。