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“Ha ha,That’s good,The half bottle contains Erguotou。”
They talked and laughed and then sat down。After Peng Changyi is full of wine,Jiang Fan toast,Said:“Old minister,You really have done many years of organizational work,Things are like God,I respect you。”
Wang Jiadong smiled,Said:“Mayor Youjiang’s words,I know the result in my heart。”Talking,Touched them both,Done。
Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi are also doing it,Peng Changyi filled everyone’s glass with wine again,Jiang Fan said:“As you expected,Let me preside over the overall work temporarily,Expensive and cooperation。I focused on a few questions about Comrade Zhong Mingyi,And criticized me。”
then,Jiang Fan told them Zhai Bingde’s criticism of himself。Wang Jiadong took a bite and said:“Just let him criticize,It’s better than you give Zhong Mingyi a small report every day。If you hit the report,Maybe the leader is not like this,May not let you lead the work,Will send the secretary directly。The second in command gave a small report to the first in command,It’s not bad for a leader to listen to ten sentences,Conversely, if the first-in-command gives a small report to the second-in-command,,Leaders usually listen to each sentence,and so,You must pay attention to,sometimes,The risk of small reports is still great。”
Jiang Fan nodded,Said:“I also think so,So when he criticized me,I’m calm。”
Wang Jiadong says:“Maybe,Some situations don’t need you to report in person,Someone will do this。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Say:“I found this problem long ago,Since Changyi became the deputy mayor,I thought of these。”
Wang Jiadong thought for a while and said:“Presiding over the work temporarily or permanently,You must now have a long-term mental preparation。”
Jiang Fan put down his chopsticks and said:“I want to hear your opinion。”
Wang Jiadong says:“From a global perspective,Kangzhou has been tossing enough these years,It’s best to arrange all-round work in the spirit of recuperation,Maintain stability,Steady development,During your work,The best performance is stability,Stability in all aspects。If you are in charge of long-term work,If you want to achieve political success,Great achievement,Still have to develop the economy,Invite big projects,At present, the investment promotion situation in various places is not very promising,in fact,In terms of Kangzhou,Special location decision,You just don’t attract investment,There will be a business coming to you。Want to change the face,Still do urban construction,In fact, Secretary Fan’s dead end about urban construction was not bad.。”
Jiang Fan nodded,Said:“You are so right,I think so too。But for now,I just want to keep the situation stable for these three months……”
Wang Jiadong waved his hand,Said:“I predict,He already has a clear candidate in his heart,It’s just not time to throw it out,It’s not because the candidate is not mature,But the time is not yet ripe。After all, Zhong Mingyi went to the party school to study,And didn’t explicitly remove,Didn’t mean to rearrange him,I’m probably saving face for Zhong Mingyi。It’s not so much that this face is for Zhong Mingyi,It’s for myself。”
Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi nodded involuntarily。