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“Have you been here?”
“How dare?Never thought。”Chen Jing smiled,Still so cute。
Old Gu said:“Secretary Peng has no time to come today,Yesterday the provincial party committee came,Now they are listening to the report in the lobby。He said he told you to see you this week,Suddenly can’t come and can’t explain to you,Can’t reach you,So I had to send me here。”
I don’t know if it’s a cold or the cause,Chen Jing’s face is a bit pale and red,She listened quietly。
“Doesn’t your school even have a phone?”Old Gu asked pretentiously。
“Have,Play out,Inconvenient to hit,So there is a dormitory phone,Now we come out to live,Only public phone nearby。”
Old Gu nodded,Looked at her and asked:“Now students almost have phones,You didn’t buy one either?”
Chen Jing looked up at Old Gu,Shook his head。
Old Gu smiled,He pretended to be mysterious:“Do you know why Secretary Peng asked me to come??”
Chen Jing shook her head。
First23chapter Attend the wedding together
Old Gu opened the zipper of the purse,I took out the phone number Peng Changyi brought to Chen Jing,Put on the table,Slowly push it in front of her,Looked at her and said:“Secretary Peng asked me to send you this。”
Chen Jing sees it clearly,It’s a very fashionable phone,She looked up at Old Gu,Said:“He gave me?”
“of course,He always can’t reach you,In a hurry。”
“I said,I do not want,Phone bill is too high,I can’t afford it。”Chen Jing pushed the phone back。
Old Gu said:“You don’t have to pay the phone bill,He specially arranged a phone card for you,It’s already full of money。turn on,Take a look。”Talking,I pushed the phone to Chen Jing,Two small eyes observe Chen Jing’s expression。
Chen Jing looked down,Going to open the box,But she thought about it and said:“forget it,You’d better bring him back,I really don’t need a phone,It’s too expensive。”
Old Gu said:“Definitely not cheap,Just sold on the market,He bought it for you,You accept it,no phone,It’s not convenient for him to find you。”