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Qin Liang thinks the situation seems to be in seconds!Immediately became alert,Answer carefully。
Shen Ruoxue is speechless,It’s normal for people to go to the toilet,There is no way to trouble others,But she didn’t let up the breath,So only“Humph”Express my strong dissatisfaction。
“What’s wrong with you?I have no problem going to the toilet, right?”
Qin Liang continued to ask carefully。
“Why did you run away just now?”
Shen Ruoxue couldn’t help but speak,The tone is still very bad。
“I can’t help but go to the toilet,Didn’t I say when I left?!”
Qin Liang answered vaguely,He can’t remember what he said just now,But no matter what,What’s wrong with this girl??
Shen Ruoxue doesn’t speak anymore,She didn’t remember Qin Liang just said it or didn’t,But Qin Liang has nothing wrong with this reason,So her anger was mostly gone。
“Grandma,What’s wrong with your little old man?I don’t seem to mess with you!Who are you angry with??”
Qin Liang smiled and asked Shen Ruoxue。