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Chen Hao mustered up his courage。
“I won’t stop you,You try to see if Shen Ruoxi will chase your house to break your leg!”
Murong Shan said nonchalantly,She knows that Chen Hao can’t run,Chen Hao wouldn’t do such irresponsible things,And if she really plans to run,How could she say it before she ran,Isn’t that silly?。
“You can not tell Shen Ruoxi,You just say I went out to buy things and lost them。”
Chen Hao tried his best,This is a success for her“zero”Breakthrough,Because for her,It’s quite difficult。
“Then I might as well say that when you go out shopping,How good was it to be taken home directly to be a wife。”
Murong Shan said disdainfully。
“Forget it,This is the end of the chat。”
Chen Hao gave up immediately,If it seems that the strength is not enough,I won’t even be able to fool around,Retribution will come right away,Never be late。
Song Min immediately took revenge on Chen Hao,Chen Hao smiled at her just now,So she also deliberately laughed at Chen now,But Chen Hao didn’t respond to her。
“Don’t,Don’t stop,Let’s continue,The three of us are here today,You guys don’t chat with me anymore,Do i talk to the air?”
Murong Shan said tangledly。