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So he treats mom,Have a lot of dependence。Then suddenly,Dad died in a car accident to save a pedestrian,After the bad news,Mother crying and taking him to the funeral,Brought back my father’s body.Dad put on makeup,Seems to be asleep,Kind but strange。
that moment,He just remembered,He has never seen his father’s face when he is asleep.
After dad was buried,Grandma less than half a year,A tough body quickly fails,In a dream,And left with dad’s clothes.
Within half a year,He experienced two goodbyes。just now,In fact, Yuze doesn’t feel sad anymore,It’s just that he followed his mother every day,The fear that my mother will leave me,Engraved in the heart,Still yesterday。And mom noticed,Hug him every night,Sing to him,After he woke up from a nightmare,I found out that my mother was staring at him all night,Never closed his eyes.
Mom is also afraid of losing mine。
Chapter Thirty peak
This perception,Let him,I let go of all my fears overnight。Relieved。In this world,There is nothing like the real feeling that I am deeply loved,Need,Happier things.
“I’m very happy。”Yuze let go of memories,said laughingly,“Mother to me,Always the same。Have you,Without you,it’s the same。”I was coaxed to sleep by my mother,From him to a treasure,And then changed to Ono。
Because he is full of happiness,Really,I never felt that my mother was partial。after all,“I was the only child for a few years anyway,And you,You and ono,born to,There is my brother,In comparison,It seems you are at a disadvantage.”
“.”Baby Ou’s eyes rounded instantly,Really like this!!!She never expected!!
Yuze can’t smile,“What’s your face,Little ancestor who doesn’t suffer.”But ah,“I think,The most eccentric in the family,Most liked by everyone,You are the one.”
Baby Ou winked,“why?”She thinks it’s Ono!Because Ono is so small,So weak,Need to be biased by everyone。
“look,Where i am,Between you and ono,Must be partial to you。Ono,Between me and you,You have nothing to say about being partial。Where’s mom,You and ono,Also partial to you。Don’t even talk about my uncle and aunt,You and ono,I must choose you eccentrically。So many people favor you,You got so much eccentricity,The favorite is not who else can you be?”
Baby Ou counted his fingers as his brother said,brother,Ono,mom,Sister-in-law,Oh,Really~~~~
Yuze pinch himself secretly,I’m afraid I will laugh out loud,It’s rare that this little ancestor was so easily taken away,So fun!!!No wonder every time my mother fools her sister,All so happy.
however,Your little ancestor will always be your little ancestor.
“Why do I compare with Ono??Why don’t you compare with Ono and me?I can also compare with you.”Soon I found Huadian’s Ou Baobao was staring at his brother,“Because I just asked mom a silly question,Stupid question,So I will never ask this question again。but,I think I didn’t ask.”
Baby Ou confessed,“Miss sister let me know that my parents are partial,Then i want to know,Will mother be partial?,Because we have three,you,I,Ono。Mom has three candidates。And then,I just remembered,Brother, you were the only child,I just want to know,After my mother and Ono,What about you brother,Is it the same as before.”